You never know what you are going to find in the pasture

Kids having a picnic in the pasture
The kids, having a picnic

A few Sunday’s ago, Spork and I were feeding everyone and the girls pulled up on the Gator. They said they were going to have a picnic and wanted know if Spork wanted to attend as well. I thought it was very sweet of them to invite their brother, who was sweaty and had been working since before they got out of bed. As you know, brothers and sisters don’t always get along so it’s always great to see them look out for one another. I of course told him to go ahead, I’d keep working.

What you see above is what I found a little while later when I passed by to go feed some pigs. They were finishing up their picnic and Spork is about to get on the tractor and go back to work with me. They had a full spread of food, blankets to sit on, silverware. It looked really nice. The girls had put the entire thing together by themselves and were cleaning up everything. I was so proud of them, till I got back to the house that evening and found all the blankets still in the back of the Gator. Oh well, they almost cleaned everything up. Still, I was proud of them and glad to be farming so they could do things like this.

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