Credit card processing is finally available

In anticipation of having beef back in stock I’ve finally ordered a square credit card reader and set up an account and all of our cuts of meat. This means that now when you come to pick up beef, or pork in a few weeks, that we can create your order quickly, sum up the total, and finish everything with a quick swipe of the credit card.

This means that having to write checks or wait for me make change is no longer a requirement which should make your buying experience that much better.

We look forward to seeing you.

Steaks are on the way but get your hamburger now

Sorry to tease you on the steaks

Sorry to tease you on the steaks

I forgot to mention in my post last night that we have 2 more cows coming that will be cut into steaks like normal. That means we will have plenty of steaks, roasts, etc in another week. However I need to make some room in the freezer for that meat so please let me know if you want some hamburger to get started because I need to make some room.

Again, we’ll give bulk discounts if you order a larger amount.

Beef for sale, let me know what you want

Our refrigerated truck, with two cows worth of beef loaded and ready for the ride back to Garner.

Our refrigerated truck, with two cows worth of beef loaded and ready for the ride back to Garner.

Today we picked up the first of two cows we had processed. These cows were processed as all hamburger because we get such a demand for hamburger.

Steaks and burgers on the platter, ready to go on the fire.

Steaks and burgers on the platter, ready to go on the fire.

Well not quite everything. We did get some ribeyes and filet mignon but they have been held back for SWMBO and our private stock. For some reason these kids just keep eating all the time!

Steaks cooking on a griddle pan.

Steaks cooking on a griddle pan.

However we have plenty of hamburger for all you moms who want to make Hamburger Helper, meatloaf, etc.

We had a taste test this evening and all involved agreed that the meat came out great. Hamburger will be $7.99 per pound, however we will discount if you get a bulk of meat. And as usual we will deliver within 15 miles for a 100 dollar order.

More pigs arrive at the farm.

Wildflower and a farm truck

Wildflower getting ready to head out

Today was a sick day for us on the farm. I was under the weather and so was Wildflower. Therefor SWMBO took the other two to church and left us to our own devices. On our limited list of things to do was to go pick up pigs from our friends Chuck and Tommy. We actually purchased the pigs over a month ago, but just couldn’t get together on when to pick them up.

Wildflower and I loaded up and headed off for our 30 minute drive. Chuck and Tommy were expecting us, however their help had not shown up and they were struggling to get the pigs corralled and caught. Wildflower stood outside with their dog and played while the three men chased pigs around a paddock for 1.5 hours, falling, bonking into things, getting run over and under by pigs, etc. Wildflower said it was pretty funny so she was entertained.

The pigs were fat and healthy, and had grown quite a bit since I’d last seen them. We had a quiet ride home and the pigs are currently spending the night in the trailer. Miguel and I will integrate them into the fold tomorrow, after making sure they are all ready to go which will involve a bit of playing vet.

Chuck says he will have a mess of pigs for me next year, which is good because we are going to need them. We’ve been out of pork for too long.

When we got home, we had a greeting at the front door. Cotton was guarding the front door and relaxing. She paid me no mind but as soon as Wildflower got close she jumped up and started sniffing, smelling Chuck’s dog on her. She was determined to come in the house with us and stay with Wildflower. It was an interesting reaction, her finding out one of her brood had been off playing with another dog.