A rare visitor comes to the farm part 2

So we finally have this raptor guy convinced that we need to do something with the bird. I tell Miguel to put a box over the bird and he sends me back this.

Red tailed hawk in cage
Red tailed hawk in cage

When I send this picture to the raptor guy, I think he finally believed that the bird was injured. He said he’s have someone there in about 30 mins. In the meantime I called SWMBO who was home schooling the kiddos and told her there was a meat eating bird in a box in front of the house if the kids wanted to see. Boy did they!

Kids with red tailed hawk
His name is Ferris

School immediately became a bust for the day. The kids all wanted to see the bird. The Princess (and all the kids) recently saw the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and now proudly owns a “Save Ferris” t-shirt, which makes her the coolest 9 year old I know.  With this background, she promptly named the hawk Ferris. I thought it was an awesome name since we were working so hard to save Ferris. Save Ferris, get it? Eh, oh well. Moving on.

Another gratuitous picture of the bird in a box. 
Another gratuitous picture of a bird in a box.

By this time, the raptor lady was arriving and it was time for Ferris to actually be saved.

Red tailed hawk being captured
Ferris being officially rescued

Turns out the bird had a broken leg and something wrong with his wing. He couldn’t fly and he couldn’t walk. He was a juvenile, this being his first season. The mortality rate for hawks in the wild is about 90% their first year so Ferris, despite his injuries, will most likely get a better chance at life than most of his peers. Sometimes when bad things happen to you, it brings about good results. I’m sure he wasn’t too happy through this whole experience, but now he’ll go into recovery and be released back into the wild probably next spring. In the mean time, we’ll likely go take the kids to see Ferris in recovery so they can check up on him.

Just another day on (or in the case for me) off the farm.

A rare visitor comes to the farm part 1

I was out of town yesterday (more on that later) and I received a text from Miguel that we had somebody new on the farm. He wanted to know what I wanted to do about it.

A red tail hawk in the "classic I have food stance"
A red tail hawk in the “classic I have food stance”

Miguel said he was hurt and could not fly. Well heck. These things, besides eating chickens, are Federally protected. I grabbed my trusty smart phone and started looking up Wildlife folks. I wanted to talk to a State agency because they are locals and generally more helpful but I figured this guy was Federal so I’d start with the Feds. I found the local number for the US Fish and Wildlife folks and a voice mail answered that rattled off the NC state agency number and a number in Atlanta for the Feds. Oh well, I tried.

So then I looked up the State wildlife crowd and as expected I had a nice lady on the phone in about 30 seconds. She emailed me the number for their “raptor specialists” and wished me luck. Two numbers actually for two different people. So I called the first guy. I told him who I was, what was going on, and the state folks had given me his number. He spends a few minutes trying to convince me that the bird is actually ok, it’s just sitting over food. I said that my guy who is actually looking at it is smarter than the average bear and can tell the difference between a hungry animal and an injured animal. Then he tells me he’s actually going to the beach so I could I call the other number they gave me.


So I call the second guy. I tell him I have a picture of the bird and he says to send it over. I send the picture above and he calls me back and says, “That bird is sitting on food. That’s the classic pose of a bird over food.” I explain again that being farmers and all, we can tell the difference between feeding and dying. Reluctantly he says to throw a box over the bird and he will send a volunteer out.

We’ll see how that goes in the next post.

New England Journal of Medicine says GMOs are bad

In case you haven’t heard of the New England Journal of Medicine, it is a very prestigious peer reviewed medical journal. The opening line of the wiki page about it says, “The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society and is among the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals[1] and the oldest continuously published one.[1]

This article doesn’t read a dryly as I thought it would so don’t let the beginning put you to sleep. It also doesn’t read as scientific as I thought it would based on where it’s published so read everything with a grain of salt. Lastly, the New England Journal of Medicine, while over 200 years old and very prestigious, isn’t without some history of political bias although it’s very limited and well in the past.

With those caveats in place though, here is some interesting information from a respected source on GMOs, crops, and herbicides. If you don’t want to read, there is also an audio interview link with the author.

And finally, if you want to see a rebuttal, here is another opinion piece published on a blog by someone who spends his time dealing with weed control. He of course claims that the first article is biased and incorrect.

Happy reading.

We have shirts back in stock!

Hot pink Ninja Cow Farm shirts
Hot pink Ninja Cow shirts

On the left you can see the front of the shirt. On the right, you can see the back.

These are the same shirts you see me wearing when you come for a tour. Well, mine aren’t pink, but everything else is the same, down to the manufacturer. We ordered in a bunch of new shirts in all sizes both adult and children’s sizes. They are $20 each and we will have them in stock till we run out.

White farm shirt
The white version of the shirt.

We also have our license plates available for those who want to represent as they drive around daily. These are the same plates we have on all of our farm vehicles. They are also $20 each.

As we work on our displays in the newly revamped farm store, we’ll be putting these swag items out for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Of course, I have to build all the displays first, so I’m not sure which month it’ll be before that happens. It will most likely be cold. Until then, ask me if you are looking for some swag. I have it, it’s just not displayed correctly yet.

T-shirts stored in plastic bins
Our current shirt display/storage

I remember distinctly someone telling me that once I sold my business, I’d be bored in 30 days. With a farm, I won’t be bored in 30 years!

Exciting new products coming to our farm

A while back, we added something new to our farm store. We brought in chicken from another farmer and offered it for sale. This allowed our customers to buy beef, pork, and chicken all in one stop and kept them from having to drive to a different farm, or Whole Foods, or wherever. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from our customers and they appreciate that we offer a one stop protein stop.

Since chicken has gone over so well, I’ve looked at some other items that might work for our customers. We get inquiries all the time for when we will be producing honey from our bees. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get enough production to supply anyone besides our own family.  With the continued lack of production, I began looking for someone to come in and manage the bees for me and expand the operation. Yesterday I got a handshake deal with one of my great friend’s wife who has become quite the beekeeper (way better than me). She is going to be taking over my hives, and bringing new hives to the farm and maintaining them for me. I’ll then buy the honey from her and have it for sale in our store. This all sounds very future tense, but she already has gallons of honey available from her own hives which are just down the road. She will be bottling honey soon and bringing it over labeled and ready to sell. So we WILL HAVE HONEY in a few weeks. For all of you who have been waiting for years, it’s almost here!

In addition to honey, she also buys our lard and has been making soap. The soaps are much prettier than mine ever were and they do a great job.

Ferris Bueller in shower
I’ve used them myself

So in addition to having honey in stock, we’ll also have real soap for sale (you do know the difference between real soap and fake soap, right?) around the same time so look for new products next time you come by for your meat fix.

Now I have to go build shelves.

It’s fixed! I hope.

As of this morning, there are zero broken links in the queue of our website broken link checker.

Since Dustin is still skinnier than I am, that makes me the guy on the left. Not sure if that’s better, or worse.

As far as I can tell right now, everything that should be live is live, and everything that should be not conflicted has been fixed. If you see something broken, please let me know.

Oh the joy of the interweb. I don’t even know how many hours that took. But it’s back and now I’ll go back to posting stuff that is going on.

Thank you for your patience.

We are still having computer issues

Just to let you know that I do in fact know the pictures are missing from many posts. We are working diligently (been up since 1:30am) on getting everything restored and will post something once the full recovery has been accomplished.


Update from 8:06am.

I’m uploading a few hundred more photos. Almost everything that is current is fixed and as these upload the older posts with broken links should fix themselves. In an hour or so things should be back to normal. In the mean time, everyone has shown up for work so good bye computer, hello farm work. It’s time for Miguel and I to spend our first day working on our new leased farm!

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